'tis the Season!
with a new wardrobe from 
What'll I Wear

As the seasons change,  bringing special events and parties  . . . are you inspired to celebrate and treat yourself to a new wardrobe?
Do you need something special and unique? 
Maybe you need a new coat for the cool evenings, a dress for that dance, 
 or a one of a kind piece of jewelry.
For men, come in and find everything from 
 leather jackets to suits.
What'll I Wear has new stock coming in regularly - 
you'll have lots to choose from!
For the vintage clothing hunters, 
How about a road trip?!
What'll I Wear regularly takes part in  
 Vintage & Antique shows.
Shows take place in Toronto and Ottawa. 
Details for the shows and links to the events can be found  here on this page to help you find out where and when. 

Having trouble with ideas for celebrating?
What'll I Wear has all kinds of masks, makeup sets, 
lots of wigs, jewelry and hats; 
 everything from the corset to the fur or leather  
to keep you cozy!  
with a  wide range of retro and vintage clothing to  
inspire you.  
Everything you need to be groovy or gorgeous,  
fun or fantastic!  
Come in and find what you need for that special and  
individual look that's just right for you!!
Guess what! 
There's another Vintage Show!
Let's Go!
just click on the banner to visit the 
Vintage Show website